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Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Tucked away just walking distance from the hotel, lies the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will be able to experience a rich variety of the amazing wildlife Costa Rica has to offer.The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and every person that steps through our doors is helping rescue, feed, give necessary veterinary care, and so much more.

We have new habitats for over 75 animals that are cared for by our professional staff and a host of volunteers! The type and number of animals hosted at our sanctuary is constantly fluctuating and you will discover different animals from month to month. Schedule one of our tours where you and your family will get educated, be entertained and experience up close interaction with some of the most amazing and exotic animals found anywhere in the world.

We have worked closely with the Costa Rican government on the construction of the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and have developed an educational program for school children in the area. We are also constructing a new Learning Center which will allow large groups of school children to visit the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary and use the Learning Center for presentations and lectures.

This is just the start of what we hope will be a world class wildlife rescue center and educational experience. Open your mind and heart to the importance of educating not only ourselves but our children about conservation and how we can live in harmony while preserving the natural habitat of these exotic animals! Enjoy and we hope to see you here!