Forest Horseback Riding at La Merced Wildlife Refuge

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At la Merced wildlife refuge horses are carefully trained for you to have a pleasant experience, as you go through the refuge amidst the forest, on the beach or in the river. You may visit Playa Hermosa Beach, adjacent to Ballena Marine National Park, ride on the woods or toward the waterfall and take a dip, or enjoy an astonishing sunset. All of these within the reserve!.

Groups are kept individualized as they book the tour, in order to have an enjoyable experience.

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  • Enjoy a 3-hour ride through the tropical forest trails in the reserve
  • Visit to the river and waterfall of the reserve with option to refresh
  • Option to see wild animals especially birds and small mammals on the tour
  • Maximum limit of weigh 150 kilos / 300 pounds


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