Lowland Birdwatching Tour Hacienda Baru

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Lowland Bird Watching Hike – Short Version

The tour begins with birding the area near the starting point,  just like the long version. From there you visit the lowland trails and beach near the lodge. You are birding during the early hours when the birds are most active. Breakfast is not included with this tour.

Duration of the tour: 3 hours.
Price: $34 per persons.
Time: Monday – Saturday, 6:00 AM, requires prior reservation.
Limit: 8 person Minimum 2 person.


Lowland Bird Watching Hike

The Lowland Bird Watching Hike begins early when the birds are just beginning to wake up. After a cup of coffee we will take you by car to the Hacienda Barú Biological Research Center a couple of kilomenters away. From there you will hike through secondary forest with your sharp-eyed guide. This is an ideal location for spotting tanagers, honeycreepers, toucans, saltators, vireos and others. After about an hour you will arrive at rookery where egrets, herons and ibis are often found.


From the rookery you will continue along the edge of the mangrove and complete the loop back to the Biological Research Center where you will enjoy a delicious breakfast of typical Costa Rican food.

The final leg of the tour includes secondary forest and the beach, your best opportunities to observe shore birds such as whimbrels, plovers, phalaropes, sandpipers and sanderlings, pelicans and frigatebirds. From the beach it is a short walk back to the Guide Center, where you began.

Duration of the tour: 5 hours.
Price: $54 per persons.
Times: Monday – Saturday, 6:00 AM, requires prior reservation.
Limit: 12 persons; Minimum: 2 persons.

From USD 49

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  • Naturalist bilingual guide with all the equpment needed
  • Small groups 
  • High chances to see a great variaty of birds and lear about their habitat.
  • Option of long or shorter hikes for all ages on a easy and flat trials 


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