Cowboy For a Day at Rancho La Merced

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Did you ever want to be a real cowboy for a day?

Rancho La Merced is a working cattle ranch dedicated to the production of beef cattle in harmony with the ecological balance of the surrounding tropical rainforest and mangrove. Come and have an unforgettable experience riding with the cowboys, driving cattle, checking calves and cows on the pastures, learning to rope calves, and many other ranch activities.

Departure: 8:00 am
Estimated time: 3-4 hours
Includes: Bilingual (English/Spanish) guide, all the needed equipment, a little snack
Requirement: No allergies to horses, no backpain, Maximum limit of weigh 150 kilos / 300 pounds. 
Price: $45 per person, $55 per person  if you want the tour to be private

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  • Discovery of a cowboy's lifestyle
  • Saddles for children from 7 years
Show the world your inner cowboy ! 


  1. Paraíso