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Nocturnal Hikes at Hacienda Baru

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Are you interested to see and discover amazing insects like snakes, lizards, frogs and mammals (opossums, raccoons, kinkajous, anteaters, bats, sloths)? Or in Bugs, Spiders, Frogs, Snakes, and Caimans? Have you ever wondered what happens in the jungle after the sun goes down? Then take a look at this tour!

Your night hike begins just before dark at the Hacienda Baru reception. Experiencing a trail at night is completely different than during the day.

Departure: 5:30/6:00 am (Monday to Friday)
Estimated time: 2 - 3 hours (6:00 am to 8:30 am)
Includes: Bilingual (English/Spanish) Guide, Admission Fee to The Hacienda with access to the bird watching tower and the Medicinal Plant Garden
Price: $39 per person
Limit: Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 12 people.

What to bring: Hiking or Tennis Shoes, A Good Flashlight (Let Us Know If You Don’t Have One), Water Bottle, Bug Spray and Rain Gear during the Rainy Season.


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Your local Naturalist Guide will begin the tour in the gardens around the lodge where you will begin discovering the world of tropical insects and arachnids. Your next stop is a lightly wooded area where there are often frogs in natural ponds, owls and night jars may be out hunting. Next, hike along a waterway where your guide will look for caimans, tree frogs, owls, kinkajou, and if you’re up for it, even snakes. If reptiles and amphibians are exciting for you, you’ll be delighted with the number of species that can be seen. They are especially numerous during the rainy season (May-November).
End up back at the Hacienda Baru restaurant where a refreshment is on the house. Rain is a strong possibility for this hike, so be prepared.


  • Bilingual (English/Spanish), Naturalist specialized guide
  • Opportunity to discover and learn about some nocturnal animals
  • Good place to hike and easy spot to see nocturnal animals
  • Incredible wildlife: focus on snakes, frogs, bugs, spiders and many other animals which are very active at night!

Perfect tour for hike and adventure lovers!


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