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The tour starts at Uvita with a introduction to  your guides and the equipment you’ll be using (safety harness, descending gear and helmet). From Base Camp it’s a 15 min. 4×4 ride through the Magical Bamboo forest and then up the ridgeline to the top of the canyon.

When you reach the first waterfall (which is 7 meters, or 21 feet high) you will be taught the fundamentals and proper techniques of rappelling. Then you are on your way – with 5 more waterfalls to go! The largest of the falls is 27 meters, or 85 feet! The canyon ends at the Uvita River where there are some pristine swimming holes for jumping & sliding or relaxing and reflecting.

You need to be an active person in good health. There are no special skills and experience required for our tour, just a sense of adventure! 

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